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DF 950 Petrol Generator
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About Us
About GGP

Global Garden Products is the leading European garden equipment company. We are a part in the garden living of millions of families around Europe and the world.

Each year, some 24 million consumers in more than 80 countries around the world choose our products, such as lawn mowers, lawn tractors, front mower, chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, hedge cutters, blowers, snow throwers, chippers and shredders as well as professional gardening machines.

No other powered garden equipment producer in Europe has a wider scope of solutions, nor the experience to back them up, than Global Garden Products.

Our brands are well established in the market and the fact that they focus on the different needs and habits in all European regions, means that no other garden equipment company has gained the same level of understanding of what people need and want for taking care of their gardens. The company focuses on innovations that are thoughtfully designed and based on extensive consumer insight.

In the same way, we understand the demands professional users place on their equipment. We believe that the way to succeed is to never stop thinking about the requirements and desires of those who will use the product.

This is shortly defined also by our company’s claim: Inspired solutions for garden living.

Welcome To Alpina

Alpina is a European brand with a long tradition in the garden and agricultural market in Europe selling handheld powered garden tools. In recent years the range of Alpina products offered has become more and more complete including walk behind lawn mowers and lawn tractors as well as blowers, hedge cutters and recycling products.

Their experience in the market allows Alpina to develop new products with exceptional performance which are also stylish and reliable in both safety and functionality.

In 2000 Alpina became part of Global Garden Products (GGP). GGP is Europes leading garden equipment company, specialising in the production, development and marketing of walk behind and ride on lawn mowers, front mowers as well as handheld powered garden equipment.

About Castelgarden

Castelgarden is one of the largest manufacturers of garden products in Europe.

Our lawnmower range runs from small electric powered lawn mowers to big ride-on mowers for professional use. We offer an extensive range of products for all four seasons.

Within Castelgarden priority is given to quality and development of our garden products. Priorities that have made it possible for us to offer products of quality and value which work in harmony with the environment.

About SPARKY Proffesinal tools

Professionalism and Excellence

The quality of the products, manufactured by SPARKY GROUP has made SPARKY one of the top selling brands around the globe today. SPARKY is one of the most rapidly growing power tool brands in Europe. We have a clear and shared strategy of profitable growth with a strong focus on the technical excellence incorporated in attractive products and services.

Commitment and Goals

Every one in SPARKYs team of hard working, high motivated and competent specialists, distributors and project managers, has it is notable contribution to the new SPARKY Professional brand launch. We still have numerous challenges to face, efforts to produce, results to deliver, and many people to convince. Our achievements are very motivating for all of us and give confidence to our partners. We are committed to striving for excellence in environmental protection and safety management.


Through the many years of hard work and product improvements, SPARKY has come to a stage when we can proudly introduce to our loyal customers and to the many to become such, our new PROFFESIONAL brand.

Looking back right at the very start of our production, we are confident that our hard work through the years, pulling out all the stops, investing in latest technologies and improving every other step in the manufacturing process, have brought us to this point, when we can state that we have reached a further major point toward the realization of our corporate belief to make powerful and robust, reliable and practical, versatile and handy power tools.

SPARKY PROFESSIONAL Power Tools are designed for the most demanding jobs in adverse environments in the construction field, metallurgy and road building, as well as in specialized and hobby workshops, making your work most effective and the results highly estimated.


Since 1955, i.e. for more than 50 years, we have been producing haircare appliances.

Our continual reference point, around which design and production revolve, is the health and look of the hair and therefore the well-being and image of the person.

A deep knowledge of hair is vital for the creation of equipment that enables the healthy and careful treatment or hair. Valera works therefore in collaboration with hair specialists of the university clinics, master hairdressers of the stylists’ associations and shampoo and cosmetics producers.

Valera benefits from the solid reputation of “Made in Switzerland” and of the SWISS CROSS, which is an internationally appreciated logo.

The Swiss image communicates values of maximum quality, precision, reliability, competence, respect for health and the environment, exclusivity.

The Swiss cross therefore offers a unique positioning and brand credibility and positively influences the judgement of value and choice of consumers.

For Valera, quality is the backbone of the company history and we apply the Total Quality concept not only to production but to every company sector. ISO 9001 certification, obtained in 1995, is a incentive towards constant improvement.

Regarding safety, all the appliances meet EN and IEC standards as well as EU directives regarding the suppression of radio interference and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). Valera hairdryers meet the strictest international safety regulations and bear various marks of approval, such as "VDE Certification Marks" or "S+ Safety mark", and the "CE mark of conformity".